Research & Models

We believe in collaboration between industry and academia, and support the ongoing research in extreme weather management. This includes the development and use of physical models to demonstrate catchment, river and coastal processes, and teach the key principles of flood and coastal risk management.



JBP Wave Tank with Michael Thomson

Our physical models

Innovation is at the heart of all we do. We invest strongly in research and development, responding to the needs of clients to provide bespoke innovative solutions and incorporating the latest technical knowledge through collaboration with industry, academia and government

Wave tank

Our portable wave tank demonstrates coastal processes, risks and mitigation options for coastal risk management (both hard and soft).

​The tank is portable, requiring little setup, and can be positioned outside or to the rear of a classroom or meeting room. We are always looking for opportunities to use the tank to talk about coastal processes and resilience studies, and we urge any schools, universities or events to get in touch.

​The tank is used to demonstrate coastal risks, wave overtopping and defence design principles, and has several interchangeable defences including vertical and recurved walls, sloped and stepped revetments, offshore breakwaters and rock armour. It offers a hands-on approach to learn coastal principles, and engaging way to bring the coastal resilience concepts alive and open up a dialogue to the challenges we face ahead.

See us on YouTube:

In this 12 minute film, Dan uses the wave tank to demonstrate the effectiveness of different types and combinations of coastal defences on the potential for overtopping and flood risk.


Our research:

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