Early warning

Our Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems are in use by communities and governments to offer advanced warning for upcoming storms, floods, cyclones and erosion events

Early warning

Our Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems are used by communities and governments to offer a total advanced warning solution. We develop total flood warning systems, flash flood alert systems, coastal forecasting systems (waves, storm surge, erosion), cyclone alert tools, incident management systems and disaster response platforms.


JBP early warning systems

Research & innovation

Innovation is at the heart of all we do. We invest strongly in research and development, responding to the needs of clients to provide bespoke innovative solutions and incorporating the latest technical knowledge through collaboration with industry, academia and government


Our systems are configured to run the last seven days of measured data, and to compare the predicted and observed conditions. Any discrepancies due to over- or under-estimation can be calculated, and an error-correction applied to align for predictions. This error correction is then taken forward and used over the forecast period to offer improved results.


Examples of
our work

Here are just some examples of our large scale mapping used within Impact-Based Early Warning Systems


Our projects:
early warning systems

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