An introduction to coastal Nature Based Solutions – 1 day training course

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Ecosystem-based mitigation strategies are rapidly gaining interest to mitigate the adverse effects of flooding, erosion, and future climate change. At a catchment-wide level these strategies could include mangrove restoration, integrated basin management, channel restoration, beach management, and sand dune management. But a coastal-focussed project requires a detailed understanding of the local coastal processes, types of materials available, their likely response and performance, and local planning requirements There is a wide spectrum of options and design techniques for these coastal Nature-Based Solutions (NBS), yet often what works at one location will be constrained at another, with poorly designed schemes at risk of failure.

This one-day introduction course is targeted at early-stage practitioners, designers, assessors and Local Governments to better understand the implementation, opportunities, and risks of NBS in the coastal environment. It is initially offered throughout Queensland and Northern NSW (Australia) and online.

Our course includes:
1) The theory and practice of coastal NBS
2) Understanding processes and benefits
3) Assessing the potential for NBS
4) Reducing wave height through dissipation
5) Design overview for rocks, wood, mangroves, seawalls, reefs
6) Risk, residual risk, whole systems and uncertainties
7) Planning approvals and legislative requirements

A range of tools will be provided to course attendees, including design and planning check sheets in Ms Excel. For those attending in South East Queensland the course will include demonstrations using the JBP wave tank, which will help consolidate the theory discussed in the course.

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