Coastal Hazards

We work throughout the coastal zone, supporting disaster risk reduction studies and engineering projects for communities living on the coast.  Here we use advanced modelling and climate data to understand coastal hazards, impacts and forces now and in the future.


Coastal Hazards

Our work includes national-scale to coastline-specific coastal processes assessments, hazard studies, coastal zone management plans, engineering assessments, dredge studies, beach nourishment designs, erosion assessments, coastal inundation/storm tide modelling and mapping, and coastal recession assessments.

Bargara coastal hazard assessment

Research & innovation

Innovation is at the heart of all we do. We invest strongly in research and development, responding to the needs of clients to provide bespoke innovative solutions and incorporating the latest technical knowledge through collaboration with industry, academia and government


There is no single coastal model that can replicate all processes. We have developed a range of tools and adaptors to allow models to work together, allowing the combined assessment of waves, currents, sediment transport, longshore processes, overtopping and erosion.


Examples of
our work

Here are just some examples of our work in coastal hazard assessments


Our projects:
coastal hazards

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